Upcoming Australian Multi-Generation Labradoodle Litters at Manor Lake for Fall/Winter 2017!  

Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles reserves the right to replace a sire due to mother nature having other plans or to improve the quality of a litter.

Ocean State Twist of Fate "Olive" x Hales Love Bug "Patches"

Miniature - Cream, Apricot, Chocolate, Parti
Due Mid October
Ready for Homes Mid December

Our adorable Olive was charmed off her feet by the handsome gentleman Love Bug “Patches” and they are expecting a litter of puppies just in time for Christmas. Both these exceptionally beautiful dogs have quiet, loving, therapy-like temperaments and are devoted companions. Olive enjoys running and playing with her friends and getting ear scratches. Patches is a total softie who immediately loves everyone he meets and would be happy to sit in your lap all day. They will pass their outstanding temperaments, classic blocky build and trademark non-shedding allergy/asthma friendly fleece on to their puppies.

Manor Lake Seattle Storm x Manor Lake Hugo Boss
Large Mini/Small Medium - Cream, Apricot, Red
Due Late October
Ready for Homes Late December

Seattle Storm and Hugo Boss are quite taken with each other, and Storm is now expecting her first precious litter! These two dogs are both beautiful and sweet, and we think they will produce some lovely puppies together. Storm is a happy go lucky girl with the sweetest personality and will be a great mama. Hugo is a consistent client favorite for his handsome ladies’ man good looks and the sweet temperament he passes on. This litter will inherit the best of both parents as well as their allergy and asthma friendly fleece. We can’t wait to meet them, how about you?

Manor Lake Cayenne x Manor Lake Meant To Be "Emmett"
Medium - Cream, Apricot, Apricot/Red
Due Early November
Ready for Homes Early January

Our beautiful girl Manor Lake Cayenne sure has good taste, and she has fallen for the ever dashing Manor Lake Meant To Be aka Emmett! We can’t wait to see their puppies, who are sure to be stocky and blocky, beautiful apricot and apricot red and SWEET as can be. Cayenne is a lover who is eager to give hugs and check pockets for treats, and Emmett consistently throws stunning puppies with the friendliest temperaments you’ll meet. Their fur babies will be ready to go home at the start of the new year and will, of course, carry our trademark Manor Lake allergy/asthma friendly fleece which is soft and little to non-shedding.

Manor Lake Truly Priceless x Manor Lake Can't Get No Satisfaction "Jagger"
Large Mini/Small Medium - Cream, Red, Apricot, Chocolate, Parti
Due Early November
Ready for Homes Early January

Congratulations to Manor Lake Truly Priceless, who is expecting her second litter of darling puppies! Truly and Manor Lake Can’t Get No Satisfaction “Jagger” had a beautiful fall honeymoon and we eagerly await the arrival of the puppies in early November. Truly is an adoring girl with an eye catching bright red coat, and Jagger is a stunning and unique boy as well. Both these dogs enjoy spending time following our staff about and going for car rides. These puppies are sure to have a fun and interesting mix of coat colors, as well as their parents’ wonderful temperaments and builds. They will have the Manor Lake trademark soft wavy fleece which is allergy/asthma friendly.

Manor Lake Hello It's Me "Adele" x Manor Lake Royal Sonesta
Medium - Cream, Chocolate/Cafe, Apricot
Due Mid November
Ready for Homes Mid January

Please join us in congratulating Manor Lake Hello It’s Me “Adele” on her first upcoming litter! Adele’s parents are both wonderful standouts in Manor Lake’s program and we are thrilled to have her follow in their pawprints. Royal Sonesta is a stunning and remarkable stud who descends directly from renowned Teagan Park lines. Together their puppies will be perfection, the ideal mix of good looks, sweet temperament and textbook build. Like all of our puppies, they will carry on their parents soft wavy fleece, which is little to non shedding and allergy/asthma friendly.

Manor Lake Hazel Eyes Takes the Prize x Manor Lake Earl
Large Mini/Small Medium - Apricot, Apricot/Red, Red
Due Mid November
Ready for Homes Mid January

We can't wait to welcome this litter into the world! Our resident miss congeniality Hazel Eyes Takes the Prize "Hazel" and the dignified Manor Lake Earl are sure to make some adorable pups together. Hazel has such a gentle and loving personality and calm demeanor, she is happiest quietly following our staff around and laying nearby to supervise. Earl lives with a wonderful guardian family and we always enjoy his visits as he is such a fun boy. These puppies will carry on their parents wonderful characteristics and correct builds, as well as their allergy/asthma friendly fleece which is little to non-shedding.


Manor Lake Charlee x Manor Lake Bentley
Miniature - Chocolate/Cafe, Apricot, Black
Due Mid November
Ready for Homes Mid January

Our darling Charlee and Bentley are expecting and we couldn't be more thrilled! These two wonderful dogs are a perfect match. Charlee is a sweet and laid back girl with kind eyes and a smile to match. Bentley has a gentle therapy like temperament and such wonderful good looks that he really stands out! We're looking forward to this litter who will be ready to go home in mid January. Charlee and Bentley’s pups will inherit their beautiful blocky builds and trademark allergy/asthma friendly fleece. 


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