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Thank you for your interest in our puppies! We keep our website and availability current. Please email us to answer specific questions that are not answered for you on our website at kim@manorlakelabradoodles.com

We are currently accepting applications/deposits for our available now puppies and for our upcoming litters of Australian Labradoodle puppies in Chocolate/Cafe, Red, Black, Apricot and Cream to loving homes in Standard, Medium and Miniature sizes.

Confused on what size may be best for you? Check out our page detailing the different sizes in our wonderful breed!

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Please email us directly for current available now puppies or information on how to receive priority placement on upcoming/future litters.

Please see below for our current available puppy litters accepting applications.

   Manor Lake Cocoa x Manor Lake Habanero "Hobbes"
Medium -- Chocolate/Cafe
Born May 29, 2017
Ready for Homes around August 3, 2017

Our Cocoa and Habanero “Hobbes” are each longtime client favorites in our program, so it seems fitting that they should meet this spring! Both come from long lines of exceptional parents here at Manor Lake and are prime examples of all the qualities we breed for. Cocoa is the sweetest loving mama with the softest chocolate coat you’ve ever seen. Hobbes is our resident ladies’ man with a fun playful spirit and rich red fleece. These puppies will be the carrying on the best of both these lines and are sure to be special. Like all our puppies, this litter will have our trademark soft, wavy, allergy/asthma friendly fleece.   

Manor Lake Astoria x Russell Wilson
Large Medium/Small Standard
Born on May 30, 2017 - Cream, Apricot,  Red
Ready for Homes Around August 3, 2017

Manor Lake Astoria and Russell Wilson have blessed us with another beautiful litter! This pairing produced such wonderful puppies last time that we just had to have a repeat litter. Astoria is a gentle loving girl with an air of grace and is a wonderful mother. Russell Wilson is a a favorite around here and loves to play and snuggle with our staff! Their darling puppies are a range of light apricot to apricot red and should mature to between 40-55lbs. They will carry on their parents wonderful temperaments and beautiful square builds.

Manor Lake Joan "Terra" x Manor Lake Blake Shelton
Medium -- Cream, Apricot, Apricot/Red
Born June 6, 2017
 Ready for Homes Around August 10, 2017

Congratulations to Manor Lake Terra and Manor Lake Blake Shelton who have just welcomed a stellar litter of puppies! We are excited to watch these puppies grow, since we love their parents so much. Blake Shelton is a beautiful boy who loves to get out and play and ride around with us in the car. Mom Terra is an easy going and refined girl who's regal presence graces every room. Both these parents have previous given us wonderful puppies, so we know that together they've made something special. These puppies will inherit the Manor Lake triple threat: wonderful temperament, exceptional looks and health, and our soft wavy allergy/asthma friendly fleece coat. 

Manor Lake Mocha x Manor Lake Meant To Be "Emmett"
  Large Mini/Small Medium-- Cream, Apricot, Chocolate/Cafe
Born June 16, 2017
Ready for Homes Around August 17, 2017

Manor Lake Meant to Be “Emmett” romanced our darling Manor Lake Mocha off her feet and we are excited to welcome their beautiful puppies into the world. Mocha is just cute as a button and full of fun and pep. Emmett is a truly striking boy with mesmerizing eyes and a stunning build who consistently producing exceptional puppies. Mocha proudly welcomes two male puppies and two female puppies. The females are the two adorable cream puppies on the right and the chocolate and apricot are the handsome males.

Manor Lake Vera Wang x Manor Lake Hudson the Super "Soupy"
  Miniature -- Cream, Apricot, Red
Born June 20, 2017
Ready for Homes Around August 24, 2017

Manor Lake Vera Wang and Hudson's The Super "Soupy" have just welcomed their new arrivals! Vera has newly come of age and entered our breeding program and we are thrilled to have her. Soupy on the other hand is a longtime client favorite--this guy is a tiny spitfire and so funny to be around. These beautiful babies will mature between 15-30lbs and we are loving their mix of cream/apricot and apricot/red fleece coats with adorable white markings on some. This litter will be smaller in statue but big on personality and looks if they're anything like their parents! They will carry on our trademark Manor Lake allergy/asthma friendly and very little to non-shedding coats.

 Manor Lake Nike Swoosh x Manor Lake Blake Shelton
  Medium-- Cream, Chocolate/Cafe
Born June 21, 2017
Ready for Around August 24, 2017

Manor Lake’s Nike Swoosh and Blake Shelton have honeymooned and are excited to announce their new arrivals! Blake is a client favorite who consistently produces adorable puppies with wonderful temperaments. Nike is a fist time mom and is as beautiful and sweet as can be, with solid confirmation and a rich dark chocolate fleece. This litter is cute cute cute! All the puppies will have a nice soft wavy fleece coat (some with white markings) and blocky builds. As always, our puppies are allergy/asthma friendly and very little to non-shedding.

Please contact us at kim@manorlakelabradoodles.com for information and availability on any of our new litters or upcoming litters. 

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