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Please contact us for current availability at kim@manorlakelabradoodles.com.  Please click on "doodle blog" at the top right for new Australian Labradoodle puppy pictures and updates.  We are now accepting applications for our upcoming litters of Australian Labradoodle puppies in Chocolate/Cafe, Red, Black, Apricot and Cream to loving homes in Standard, Medium and Miniature sizes. Confused on what size may be best for you? Check out our page detailing the different sizes in our wonderful breed!

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Manor Lake Marigold x Manor Lake Dom Perignon
Australian Labradoodles in (Medium Size 30-40lbs)
Red, Apricot
Born on August 19, 2014
Ready for homes around October 23, 2014

Marigold and Dom have honeymooned and we are absolutely thrilled! This fantastic pairing is sure to produce some puppies to amaze all of us and we cannot wait to meet them! We are excited to see some nice thick, chunky boning, with gorgeous coats ranging from creamy apricot to beautiful red/caramel and we just know they're going to be the sweetest pups around!

Manor Lake Madeline (Maddy) x Manor Lake Artimus
Australian Labradoodles in (Standard Size 45-60lbs)
Red, Apricot, Cream
Born on August 27, 2014
Ready for homes around October 30, 2014


This is a proven combination for us and we are so excited for our beautiful Maddy and Artimus to have another litter together! They are both wonderful dogs from bigger lines with some deep rich coloring behind them so we're excited to see some nice large dogs with a range of colors in that apricot/red range that is so popular and beautiful. If you're looking for a gentle giant, this is definitely the litter for you!

Manor Lake Tabasco x Manor Lake Captain America (Jasper)
Australian Labradoodles in (Large Medium Size 45-55lbs)
Red, Apricot, Cream
Born on August 29, 2014
Ready for homes around November 6, 2014


Oh my! We have some red hot puppies! We're so excited to see the gorgeous coloring of our Tabasco and our Jasper come together for a fantastic litter of red puppies. This is a wonderful line of dogs for us, bred specifically for their great build, color, and that amazing temperament we know and love from our Australian Labradoodles. Contact us today about these gorgeous puppies!

Manor Lake Lady Genevieve x Manor Lake Rockstar
Australian Labradoodles in (Standard Size 50-60lbs)
Chocolate, Cafe
Born on September 1, 2014
Ready for homes around November 6, 2014


We are very excited for this fantastic standard litter! Gwennie and Rockstar both have fantastic thick and stocky builds that we're happy to see replicated in these darling puppies. The gentle giant personality is certainly personified here and with those teddy bear faces I just can't imagine a better pairing!

Manor Lake Everlasting Love (Evie) x Manor Lake Caymus
Australian Labradoodles in (Small Medium Size 30-40lbs)
Red, Apricot, Cream
Born on September 3, 2014
Ready for homes around November 6, 2014



We are quite ecstatic for this pairing! These two have had an absolutely gorgeous litter before and we are so excited for puppies with gorgeous teddy bear faces and nice thick and squat boning. Evie and Caymus have the best of two worlds for sure in color and conformation, not to mention the amazing temperament we see in them and their puppies!

Manor Lake Pumpkin Soup (Punkie) x Manor Lake Habanero (Hobbes)
Australian Labradoodles in (Small Medium 30-40lbs)
Red, Apricot
Born on October 16, 2014
Ready for homes around December 18, 2014


Our Punkie has become smitten with the dapper Hobbes and we are pleased to announce the upcoming litter between them! These are two wonderful lines of dogs we have bred here and we are quite excited to see this combination! Both Punkie and Hobbes have amazingly sweet and loving disposition and I can't imagine dogs with more silky and fluffy coats!

Manor Lake Cauzin Rumors x Manor Lake Oscar de la Renta
Australian Labradoodles in (Miniature 18-28lbs)
Chocolate, Cream, Chocolate and White
Due around October 14, 2014
Ready for homes around December 18, 2014

This is sure going to be one stunning litter! We cannot wait for some absolutely adorable puppies with that adorable teddy bear look! Rumors has the sweetest disposition and we have come to expect nothing less than stellar from our lovely Oscar.

Please contact us at kim@manorlakelabradoodles.com for information and availability on any of our new litters or upcoming litters. 

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