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Please contact us for current availability at kim@manorlakelabradoodles.com.  Please click on "doodle blog" at the top right for new Australian Labradoodle puppy pictures and updates.  We are now accepting applications for our upcoming litters of Australian Labradoodle puppies in Chocolate/Cafe, Red, Black, Apricot and Cream to loving homes in Standard, Medium and Miniature sizes. Confused on what size may be best for you? Check out our page detailing the different sizes in our wonderful breed!


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Current Litters

Manor Lake Cocoa x Manor Lake Dom Pérignon
(Medium 30–40 lbs.)
Born April 18, 2015
Ready for homes late June, 2015

If you're looking for rich, luxurious chocolate coats, this is the litter for you. We couldn't be more pleased with the pairing of our Cocoa and Dom. These pups will be happy, friendly dogs with Manor Lake's wonderful signature coats.

Sensational chocolate boys (left) and elegant chocolate girls.

Manor Lake Pumpkin Soup x Manor Lake Habanero (Hobbes)
(Large miniature/Small medium 23–33 lbs.)
Red, Red/apricot, Apricot
Born April 23, 2015
Ready for homes late June, 2015

Manor Lake Pumpkin Soup (Punkie) and Manor Lake Habenero (Hobbes) have rekindled their love affair,
and we have this beautiful spring litter full of fetching red/apricots to show for it! These are going to be amazing examples of the Manor Lake signature non-shedding, allergy-friendly coats.

Adorable pups: boys on the left and darling girls on the right.

Manor Lake Victory x Manor Lake Cream of the Crop (Chalky)
Medium (25–35 lbs.)
Born April 30, 2015
Ready for homes
early July, 2015

Take one gorgeous girl with the most divine coat and pair her with a Manor Lake stud of the highest caliber, and you get one amazing litter. These pups are breathtaking to look at with beautiful, wavy fleece coats, amazing stocky builds, and the friendliest, easy-going demeanors. 

This litter is full of deep, rich chocolates. Check out these brilliant boys (left) and astonishing girls (right).

Manor Lake Joan (Terra) x Manor Lake Dom Perignon
Medium (25–35 lbs.)
Chocolate/Cafe, Cream/Apricot
Born May 7, 2015
Ready for homes
mid July, 2015

These are two of the sweetest Manor Lake dogs and we're so excited to see the these beautiful pups. We're confident that this litter will be everything we've come to expect from Manor Lake puppies: happy-go-lucky, loyal, loving, and affectionate with that tell-tale allergy-friendly and non-shedding coat!

These two boys are simply adorable

Six pretty little sisters

Manor Lake I Love Lucy x Manor Lake Habanero (Hobbes)
Large miniature 25–35 lbs.)
Caramel, Red/Apricot
Born May 7, 2015
Ready for homes
mid July, 2015

It's no wonder that Lucy and Hobbes had a little fling; they have so much in common. They're both so gorgeous they'll stop traffic, and they're both little social butterflies that love to be the center of attention.
These pups are going to be very similar! Expect the same sparkling personalities and drop-dead-gorgeous good looks!

Here are the three little males, and one precious girl.

Manor Lake Summer Nights x Manor Lake Habanero (Hobbes)
(Mini 20–27 lbs.)
Born May 13, 2015
Ready for homes
mid July

There are few
Manor Lake pairings more popular than Summer and Hobbes. If you love miniature Australian Labradoodles with stocky builds and the most luxurious coats, this litter's for you! The puppies from these two are always social butterflies with delightful dispositions and beautiful red/apricot coats.

Manor Lake Esmeralda (Ezzy) x Manor Lake Caymus
(Small medium 28–35 lbs.)

Born May 12
, 2015
Ready for homes
mid July

Take one beautiful girl with an amazing conformation and couple her with a stud with one of Manor Lake's tenderest hearts, and you're sure to get the most amazing Australian Labradoodles! This litter is a stunning example of Manor Lake's commitment to excellence.

  Please contact us at kim@manorlakelabradoodles.com for information and availability on any of our new litters or upcoming litters. 

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